1963 FINAL Replay Standings as of September 30, 1963

Batting Leaders | Pitching Leaders
Team Batting | Team Pitching

W L GB Pct W L GB Pct
Chicago White Sox 107 55 - .660 Cincinnati Reds 96 66 - .593
Baltimore Orioles 98 64 9.0 .605 San Francisco Giants 94 68 2.0 .580
New York Yankees 93 68 13.5 .578 Chicago Cubs 93 69 3.0 .574
Minnesota Twins 90 71 16.5 .559 Milwaukee Braves 92 70 4.0 .568
Boston Red Sox 86 75 20.5 .534 St. Louis Cardinals 91 71 5.0 .562
Detroit Tigers 76 86 31.0 .469 Los Angeles Dodgers 88 74 8.0 .543
Cleveland Indians 69 93 38.0 .426 Philadelphia Phillies 86 76 10.0 .531
Kansas City A's 67 95 40.0 .414 Pittsburgh Pirates 77 85 19.0 .475
Los Angeles Angels 63 98 43.5 .391 Houston Colt 45's 54 108 42.0 .333
Washington Senators 59 103 48.0 .364 New York Mets 39 123 57.0 .241





NOTE TO REPLAYERS:   1963 proved to be the most challenging replay I've done.  As always, I used the Fan Park Encyc/AD import process, but it soon became clear that the teams were not performing as they had in the real 1963.  Normally I'm reluctant to modify grades, but in this replay I did change pitching grades for the Yankees and the Dodgers and also for some other teams.  I did this around the mid-season point, and it did improve things somewhat, but perhaps I'd waited too long as the final standings reflected some big anomolies, including the pennant winners.   Additionally, as the pitcher stats reflect (see Drysdale and Koufax and the Chisox starters), the team finishes didn't always reflect the pitchers stats, as they normally do.  For example, in the real '63 the Yankees finished at 104-57 versus the replay 93-68.  For the Dodgers, it was 99-63 (88-74), for the White Sox 94-68 (107-55) and for Cincy 86-76 (96-66).  Many of the starting pitchers (Drysdale, Peters, Nuxhall, et al), it was a similar story.   Interestingly, the league ERA was within 10% of reality (3.27 AL versus an actual 3.63, and 3.11 for the NL versus 3.29 actual).  Offensively, the AL hit a meager .231 (versus .247) while the NL hit .227 versus the actual .245), again within 10% of "expected".  And defensively, the stats were almost a perfect match to reality.   So what happened?  Perhaps it was simply a conglomoration of those common statistical mismatches which make our BBW replays so much fun.   We'd be interested in hearing from other '63 replayers.





3+ Homers

Bill White St. Louis
3 homers
St. Louis vs Philadelphia
April 20

J.C. Martin Chicago
3 homers
Detroit vs Chicago
May 14

Jimmie Schaffer Chicago
3 homers
San Francisco vs Chicago
August 2


The Cycle

Wayne Causey Kansas City
Kansas City vs Minnesota
May 12


5+ Hits

Tommy Davis Los Angeles
5 hits
Pittsburgh vs Los Angeles
May 16

Charlie Dees Los Angeles
5 hits
Kansas City vs Los Angeles
May 26

Carl Warwick Houston
5 hits
Houston vs St. Louis
May 30

Don Demeter Philadelphia
6 hits
Cincinnati vs Philadelphia
June 9

Felix Torres Los Angeles
5 hits
Los Angeles vs Washington
July 5

Harvey Kuenn San Francisco
5 hits
San Francisco vs Philadelphia
July 12

Curt Flood St. Louis
5 hits
Houston vs St. Louis
August 14

Gino Cimoli Kansas City
5 hits
Detroit vs Kansas City
August 15

Elston Howard New York
5 hits
Boston vs New York
August 27

Tito Francona Cleveland
5 hits
Cleveland vs Washington
September 6

Orlando Cepeda San Francisco
5 hits
San Francisco vs New York
September 12


4+ XB Hits

Chuck Hiller San Francisco
4 XB Hits
San Francisco vs Chicago
June 6

Don Hoak Philadelphia
4 XB Hits
Philadelphia vs St. Louis
August 4


No-Hit Games

Camilo Pascual Minnesota
Minnesota vs Kansas City
April 14

Bill Stafford New York
New York vs Washington
April 20

Al McBean Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh vs New York
June 2

Gary Peters Chicago
Chicago vs Cleveland
June 22

Denny Lemaster Milwaukee
Milwaukee vs Chicago
September 20


1-Hit Games

Bill Monbouquette Boston
Baltimore vs Boston
April 16

Orlando Pena Kansas City
Kansas City vs Baltimore
April 24

Dave Stenhouse Washington
Washington vs Los Angeles
April 29

John Buzhardt Chicago
Washington vs Chicago
May 3

Chris Short Philadelphia
Houston vs Philadelphia
May 3

Earl Wilson Boston
Washington vs Boston
May 12

Warren Spahn Milwaukee
Los Angeles vs Milwaukee
May 30

Ted Bowsfield Kansas City
Washington vs Kansas City
June 2

Ed Rakow Kansas City
Minnesota vs Kansas City
June 4

Bob L Miller Los Angeles
Los Angeles vs Houston
June 4

Al Downing New York
Detroit vs New York
June 15

Ernie Broglio St. Louis
New York vs St. Louis
June 17

Jim Maloney Cincinnati
Houston vs Cincinnati
June 21

Juan Marichal San Francisco
Milwaukee vs San Francisco
July 2

Ryne Duren Philadelphia
San Francisco vs Philadelphia
July 13

Al Downing New York
New York vs Kansas City
July 14

Bob Buhl Chicago
Milwaukee vs Chicago
July 16

Jim Maloney Cincinnati
St. Louis vs Cincinnati
July 16

Gary Peters Chicago
Boston vs Chicago
July 20

Joe Horlen Chicago
Chicago vs Washington
July 29

Ray Herbert Chicago
Chicago vs Kansas City
August 6

Pedro Ramos Cleveland
Kansas City vs Cleveland
August 10

Dick Ellsworth Chicago
Chicago vs New York
August 11

Jim Bouton New York
New York vs Boston
August 14

Camilo Pascual Minnesota
Washington vs Minnesota
August 16

Ken McBride Los Angeles
Los Angeles vs Washington
August 23

Jim Maloney Cincinnati
Cincinnati vs San Francisco
August 23

Ray Herbert Chicago
Chicago vs New York
August 24

Larry Jackson Chicago
Houston vs Chicago
August 31

Ron Taylor St. Louis
Pittsburgh vs St. Louis
September 2

Dick Ellsworth Chicago
Chicago vs Houston
September 7

Don Drysdale Los Angeles
Los Angeles vs Pittsburgh
September 11

Fritz Ackley Chicago
Chicago vs Detroit
September 21


14+ whoofs

Al Downing New York
14 whiffs
New York vs Kansas City
July 14

Sandy Koufax Los Angeles
19 whiffs
Los Angeles vs St. Louis
September 17


Combined 1-Hitters

Kansas City
Minnesota vs Kansas City
June 4

Milwaukee vs New York
June 4

St. Louis
St. Louis vs Los Angeles
July 4

New York
Los Angeles vs New York
July 25

Washington vs Los Angeles
August 13

Los Angeles vs Baltimore
August 21



April 11 – Yanks’ Whitey Ford pitches no hitter for 6 innings against B’more.  Jerry Adair leads off 7th with a double.  Yanks win 3-6-1/1-2-1.

April 14 – The Twins’ Camillo Pascual (2-0, 1.00) no-hits the A’s, winning, 2-8-0/0-0-2.  He has perfect game until he walks Norm Siebern to start the bottom of the 8th.  He walks George Alusik, a pinch-hitter in the bottom of the 9th, for his only other baserunner.


April 16 – Mets score 6 in top of 1st, but go on to lose 7-6 to Cincy.  NY is now 0-6.  Boston’s Bill Monbouquette 1-hits (2 walks) the Orioles, winning 3-6-0/0-1-1.  Only Baltimore hit is single by Aparicio to start the game.

April 18 – Braves beat Mets 13-3, as late inning substitute Bob Uecker homers.  Mets now 0-8.


April 20 – Yank’s Bill Stafford (2-0,1.00) no hits the Seantors, winning 2-9-0/0-0-0.  Stafford gives up 2 walks.    Mets lead Braves 3-0 through 5, but then lose 4-3 to Warren Spahn (2-1, 3.49).  Mets now 0-9.  Cards beat Phils, 11-14-1/3-6-2 as Bill White hits 3 HR.  White goes 4-5, 5 RBI and 13 TB.


April 21 – Mets win their 1st game of the season in the opener, beating Milwaukee 7-8-1/5-10-2.  NY is now 1-10.  Mets drop nightcap.


April 23 – Detroit’s Phil Regan (3-0, 1.67) pitches no-hitter through 8 1/3 until Wayne Causey homers with a man on in bottom of 8th.  Regan holds on to picht a comple game victory, 4-3. 


April 24 – Mets leading 5-4 with 2 outs in bottom of 9th, but Cubs come back to win 6-5.  Mets now 1-12.  KC’s Orlando Pena (2-0, 0.86) 1-hits the O’s, winning 3-7-0/0-1-0.  Pena does not relinquish a walk, and faces only 28 batters.  Only Baltimore baserunner is Jerry Adair who doubles to leadoff the bottom of the 3rd.  LA’s Dean Chance and Detroit’s Jim Bunning hookup in a scoreless tie through 10 innings.  LA finally breaks through in top of 11th, scoring 3, and they win 3-5-2/0-3-2.


April 25 – For 2nd day in a row, Mets lose the lead to Cubs with 2 out in bottom of 9th.  Chicago scores 3 in bottom of 9th to win 4-3.  Mets now 1-14. 


April 26 – Mets blow another lead and lose 9-3 to Pittsburgh.  NY now 1-14.  Twins’ Jim Roland shuts out the Tigers through 9, but Detroit’s Don Mossi 1-hits the Twins through 8.  Detroit finally scores the game’s only run in bottom of 10th as they win 1-5-1/0-2-3.  Roland goes the route, but loses. 


April 27 – Mets lose to Pirates again, and are now 1-16.


April 28 – Mets lose 11-1 as Pirates complete sweep.  NY now 1-17.


April 29 – Mets drop their 8th in a row, this time 6-2 to LA.  Mets now 1-18.  Dave Stenhouse no-hits the Angels for 6 1/3 innings until Leon Wagner hits 2-run homer in bottom of 7th.  That is the only LA hit in this nightcap game, as Washington goes on to win 6-11-0/2-1-1.  Stenhouse does issue 3 walks.


April 30 – Twins’ Camillo Pascual and O’s steve Barber hookup in a scoreless tie through 14 innins.  O’s score 2 in top of 15th on homer by Joe Gaines.  B’more wins 2-5-1/0-5-1.


May 2 – Mets win only their 2nd game of the season (2-18) as Al Jackson (1-4,3.72) shuts out the Astros, winning 2-4-0/0-3-1. 


May 3- Chisox’s Johnny Buzhardt (3-0,2.33) no-hits Washington until 2 out in top of 8th when Eddie Brinkman singles.  That is Washington’s only hit, as Chicago wins, 2-10-0/0-1-0.  Buzhardt gives up 3 walks.  Phillies’ Chris Short (4-0,1.60) does the same thing against the Astros, pitching a no-hitter until 2 out in the top of the 8th.  Johnny Bateman hits the single for Houston which breaks it up.  Philadelphia wins 3-3-0/0-1-1. Short gives up 2 walks.


May 5 – Giants sweep Mets in twin-bill.  NY now 2-22.


May 7 – Mets beat Phils, 5-3, as they win their 3rd of the season.  NY now 3-22.  Al Jackson (2-4, 3.51) goes the route for NY.  He has 2 of the 3 NY victories.   Ray Washburn (3-2,1.84) pitches a 2-hit shutout against LA, winning 1-3-0/0-2-0.  Sandy Koufax (3-2, 0.84) pitches a complete game in the loss.  In a similar performance, Lew Burdette (6-1, 2.50) beats the Giants, 1-4-0/0-3-1.  Juan Marichal (4-2, 1.48) goes the distance in the loss.


May 8 – Mets lose 8-6 to Phills in 13 innings.  NY now 3-23.


May 11- Mets lose 10-0 to Reds and are now 3-25.


May 12 – Reds sweep Mets. NY now 3-28.  A’s split w/Twins, taking nightcap 16-18-4/4-10-4 as they score 12 runs in the top of the 9th.  Only 2 of the 12 runs were earned.  Frank Sullivan gave up those 2, and Gary Roggenburk then gave up 10 unearned runs (on 8 hits).  Bosox’s Earl Wilson (1-5, 5.18) no-hits the Seantors for 8 2/3 innings until Don Lock homers in top of 9th.  It is Washington’s only hit, but another run scores in top of 8th when Russ Nixon (who had walked) scores from 2nd on a passed ball.  Boston wins 6-9-1/2-1-1.  Wilson walks 3.


May 13 – Mets’ Roger Craig (1-8, 5.31) wins his 1st game, pitching a complete game win against the Astros, winning 5-8-0/3-4-2.  Mets now 4-28; Houston now 8-24.


May 14 – Mets drop to Houston in 10 innings, 4-3.  NY now 4-29. 


My 15 – Houston beats the Mets 6-5.  Mets now 4-30.


May 18 – Giants beat Mets, 16-13-1/10-15-2.  Mets now 4-33.  Every Met starter, except pitcher Carl Willey, had at least 1 hit.  Ron Hunt 4-5, 3B, 2 2B.  McCovey 2 HR, 5 RBI. 


May 19 – Mets split with Dodgers and are now 5-34.  Bosox beat A’s in opener, 17-14-0/2-5-0.  Every Boston  starter, including pitcher Bill Monbouquette, had at least 1 hit.  Lu Clinton 2-6, 6 RBI,2B, HR.  Twins sweep Indians, winning nightcap 7-4 in 17 innings.  Winning blow is pinch-hit 3-run homer by Don Mincher. 


May 21 – Dodgers beat Mets 8-1.  Mets now 5-35.  


May 22- Mets score 9 runs (6 earned) off Don Drysdale (2-9, 4.11) in 3 innings as they beat LA, 15-12-1/4-7-3.  Carl Willey (1-4, 4.26) goes the distance, winning his 1st game of the season.  Mets now 6-35.  Chisox beat Senators, 16-19-3/3-6-1.  Every Chicago starter, except SS Ron Hansen, and including pitcher Joel Horlen, had at least 1 hit.  Dave Nicholson (.330, 10, 29) 3-5 2 HR, 5 RBI. 


May 24 – Mets win their 2nd in a row, beating the Cards, 4-1 as Roger Craig (2-9, 4.70) goes the distance.  Mets now 7-35.  Angels beat A’s, 16-16-0/1-7-0.  Every Angels’ starter, except 2B Billy Moran, had at least 1 hit, including pitcher Ken McBride. 


May 25 – Mets blow 9-6 lead as Cards score 5 in bottom of 8th and go on to win 11-9.  Mets now 7-36. 


May 28 – Roger Craig (3-9, 4.20) throws a 2-hit shutout against the Cubs, winning 1-4-1/0-2-0.  Mets now 9-37. 


May 30 – Warren Spahn (6-5, 3.33) 1-hits (no walks) the Dodgers, winning 8-10-1/0-1-3.  Only LA hit is single by Frank Howard with 1 out in top of 5th.  Spahn faces 29 men.  This is Spahn’s 332nd  win. 


June 2 – KC’s Ted Bowsfield (3-5, 3.26) 1-hits the Senators, winning 9-17-0/0-1-0.  Bowsfield issues 2 walks.  The only KC hit is a single by the opposition pitcher, Bennie Daniels with 2 out in the top of the 3rd. 


June 4 – Braves’s Bob Hendley (injured after 6 innings), Tony Cloninger and Bob Shaw combine to 1-hit the Mets, winning 1-6-0/0-1-1.    Only NY hit is 2 out, bottom of the 4th single by Frank Thomas.  Dodgers’ Bob Miller (6-3, 1.55) 1-hits the Astros, winning 8-11-1/0-1-1.  Only Houston hit is 2 out, bottom of the 7th single by Carl Warwick.  KC’s Ed Rakow (6-3, 2.87) 1 hits the Angels, winning 2-5-0/0-1-0.  Only hit is 3rd inning leadoff single by Bernie Allen.


June 5 – Reds beat Bucs in opener, 5-1, as Joe Nuxhall (10-1, 1.20) becomes the 1st 10 game winner.  


June 6 – Giants beat Cubs in 15 innings, 4-2.  Marichal (9-3, 1.71) goes the first 14 innings and gets the win.


June 9 – In my longest game ever, the Phils beat the Reds in 24 innings, 2-14-2/1-14-1.  Philly scores the winning run in the bottom of the 24th, on a wild pitch by relief pitcher Dom Zanni.  Box score is on WWW site. 


June 11 – Mets beat 1st place Reds, 2-5-0/1-7-0.  Al Jackson (4-8, 3.81) goes the distance.  Mets reach .200 (12-48) for the 1st time. 


June 14 – Warren Spahn (9-5, 2.99) pitches a 3-hitter against the Phills, winning 3-8-1/0-3-2.  It is Spahn’s 335th victory. 


June 15 – Al Downing (2-1, 1.17) 1-hits (7 walks) the Tigers, as the Yanks win, 12-12-0/1-1-1.  Only Detroit hit is 1st inning single by Norm Cash.  It drives in Detroit’s only run. 


June 16 – Mets split w/Reds, winning nightcap, 1-6-3/0-9-1 in 11 innings.  Roger Craig, Ken McKenzie and Larry Bearnarth combine on the shutout.  Mets now 13-52.  Giants sweep Houston, winning nightcap in 14 innings, 7-14-2/6-12-0 after Houston goes ahead with 3 in top of 14th.  Giants come back with 4 in bottom of inning for the victory.    Baltimore sweeps Boston, as Robin Roberts (10-4, 1.49) shuts them out in the nightcap, winning 7-7-1/0-4-1.  It’s Roberts’ 222nd career win. 


June 17 – Sandy Koufax (10-3, 1.02) and Giants’ Billy O’Dell hookup in a scoreless tie until Dodgers score the game’s only 2 runs in the top of the 10th.  LA wins 2-6-0/0-3-0 in 13 innings.  Ernie Broglio (7-4, 2.90) 1-hits the Mets, winning 8-13-0/0-1-1.  Broglio relinquishes 1 walk and faces 29 batters.  Only Met hit is 2 out 4th inning single by Duke Snider. 


June 18 – Mets’ Carl Willey (4-5, 2.67) pitches a 2-hit shutout against the Cards, winning 1-3-2/0-2-0. 


June 21 – Reds’ Jim Maloney (8-2, 1.93) 1-hits (2 walks) the Astros, winning 3-6-0/0-1-0.  Only Houston hit is 2-out 1st inning single by Carl Warwick. 


June 22 – Gary Peters (6-0, 1.87) of first place Chisox no-hits the Tribe, winning 7-10-0/0-0-1.  Peters walks 3, but faces only 28 batters.   Tigers beat A’s in 15 innings, winning on Colavito homer in top of 15th, 5-12-2/ 4-8-0. 


June 24 – Cards beat Astros 9-1 as Houston drops its 13th straight. 


June 25 – Phills beat Bucs 6-5 in 16 innings.  Robin Roberts (12-4, 1.66) shuts out the Angels, winning 1-7-0/0-6-0.  It’s Roberts’ 224th career victory. 


June 28 – Early Wynn (2-0, 1.00) wins his 284th as the Tribe beats Chicago, 6-2.  Warren Spahn (11-6, 3.01) wins his 337th, beating the Bums, 3-6-0/0-3-2.   Bob Gibson shuts out the Colts, winning 2-0.  It is Houston’s 16th straight loss. 


June 29 – Yanks beat Bosox, 16-18-0/3-8-1 as every Yank, including the pitcher Ralph Terry, had at least 1 hit. 


June 30 – Houston beats the Cards, 4-3, and snaps their 17 game losing streak. 

July 2 – Juan Marichal (14-4, 1.83) 1-hits the Braves, winning, 7-12-0/0-1-1.  He beats Warren Spahn (11-7, 3.25).  The only Milwaukee hit is a 2nd inning single by Norm Larker.  Marichal does walk 2. 

July 3 – Angels beat O’s in 15 innings, 3-6-3/1-8-1.   Angels and O’s each use all of their players, except for a few pitchers.   Tribe beats Bosox, 16-18-0/2-9-1.  Every Tribe starter, including pitcher Pedro Ramos, had at least 1 hit. 

July 4 – 4th place Yanks beat 1st place Chisox in opener, in 14 innings.  NY wins 5-4 after relief pitcher Bill Kunkel walks to lead off the bottom of the 14th.  He comes around to score the winning run on Maris’s 2 out single.  Cards’ Ernie Broglio (10-4, 2.55) no-hits the Bums for 8 1/3 innings until Bill Skowron singles.  Cards win 5-6-3/3-1-1.  Cubs sweep Mets as Reds split with Houston.  Cubs are now in 1st place by 2 games.  

July 5 – Orioles hit 3 consecutive homers in top of 4th against the Senators.  Homers are hit by Boog Powell, Brooks Robinson and Jerry Adair.  

July 6 – Phils beat Cubs 3-2 in 15 innings.  Houston beats Braves in opener, 16-16-2/5-6-2.  Every starter, except pitcher Don McMahon, had at least 1 hit.  Bob Aspromonte (.188, 2, 17) had a grand slam.  

July 7 – Braves beat Houston 9-3 as Warren Spahn (12-7, 3.12) wins his 338th game (338-179). 

July 9 – National League wins All Star game in 12 innings, 2-6-0/1-4-3 on a throwing error by Frank Malzone in the top of the 12th. 


July 10 – Carlton Willey (7-6, 2.57) shuts out the Dodgers, winning 2-6-2/0-4-0.  Willey is the only Mets pitcher with a winning record. 


July 13 – Phills’ Ryne Duren (4-3,2.54) 1 hits the Giants, winning, 7-14-0/0-1-0.  Duren walks 4.  The only Giant hit is a 2 out single in the bottom of the 1st. 


July 14 – Yanks’ Al Downing (6-3, 1.94) pitches a 12 innig 1 hitter against the A’s in the nightcap, winning 2-6-1/0-1-0.  Game is scoreless until NY scores the game’s only runs in the top of the 12th.  Downing does not walk anyone and faces only 38 batters, 2 over the minimum.  The only A’s hit is a 2 out single by the opposition pitcher Orlando Pena in the bottom of the 3rd:  “And now the pitch ... swung on ... hot smash to Richardson ... he dives ... he knocks it down throws quickly ... not in time! ... and they are giving him the base hit.” .


July 15 – Cubs sweep cards and move into 1st place tie w/St. Louis.  Dodgers come back from 4-1 deficit in 9th, as they score 9 in top of inning, and go on to win 10-4. 


July 16 – Houston beats the Mets, 19-21-2/4-10-3.  Every Houston starter, including the pitcher Turk Farrell, had at least 1 hit.  Jimmy Wynn (.324) 4-6, 6 RBI, 3B.  Cubs’ Bob Buhl (107, 2.72) no hits his former teammates through 7 2/3 innings, until Braves’ pinch-hitter Don Dillard singles in the top of the 8th.  That is the Braves’ only hit, as Chicago wins, 2-5-0/0-1-1.  Buhl walks 3.  Reds’ Jim Maloney (104, 2.06) 1 hits the Cards, winning 2-7-0/0-1-0.  Maloney walks 2.  Only Card hit is single by Ken Boyer. 


July 20 – Mets’ Al Jackson no-hits the Phillies through 6 innings until Tony Taylor breaks it up with a lead-off double in the top of the 7th.  Mets lose 4-3.


July 21 – Yanks win both games of doubleheader by scoring the winning run in the bottom of the 9th. 


July 29 – Chisox’s Joel Horlen (5-5, 3.08) 1-hits the Senators, winning 3-9-0/0-1-1.  Horlen relinquishes only 1 walk, and faces only 28 batters.  The only Washington hit is a single by Don Lock in the bottom of the 5th.


August 3 – Mets’ Tracy Stallard (1-11, 5.15) wins his first game of the season, as he pitches a complete game shutout against the Braves, winning 2-8-0/0-4-0. 


August 6 – Braves (Denny Lemaster, 12-10, 2.96) and Pirates (Don Cardwell, 10-9, 3.23) hook up in an 11 inning shutout.  Pirates score 3 in bottom of 12th and win 3-4-0/0-4-1.


August 9 – Twins beat Bosox, 8-17-2/7-8-1 in 17 innings.  Winning run is scored on Bob Allison’s 24th homer in the bottom of the 17th, with 1 out. 


August 10 – Cleveland’s Pedro Ramos (6-10, 4.17) 1-hits the A’s, winning, 2-7-1/0-1-1.  Ramos relinquishes 6 walks.  The only KC hit was a 1 out double by Wayne Causey in the top of the 1st. 


August 11 – Sandy Koufax (20-4, 1.07) wins his 20th, beating the Reds, 7-9-0/0-3-1.  Dick Ellsworth (18-7. 1.76) 1-hits the Mets in the opener, winning 6-9-1/1-1-1.  Ellsworth walks 2.  The only Met hit is a homer by Duke Carmel in the bottom of the 5th.    


August 14 – Yanks sweep Boston, with Jim Bouton (12-5, 2.11) 1-hitting them (he gives up 5 walks) in the nightcap.  NY wins nightcap, 7-11-0/0-1-0.  The only Boston hit is a single by Gary Geiger in the bottom of the 4th. 


August 17 – Cubs beat Reds 1-14-0/0-4-2 in 13 innings.  Cubs’ starter Tom Baker (0-1, 3.00) makes his only 1963 start, holding the Reds scoreless through the 10.  The only run in the game scores on Alex Grammas’ error in the top of the 13th.


August 21 – Steve Barber (15-11, 2.47) and Dick Hall combine to 1 hit the Angels in the opener.  B’more wins, 11-13-1/0-1-1.  The Orioles relinquish 3 walks.  The only Angel hit is a leadoff single in the top of the 3rd by Lee Thomas (.206). 


August 23 – Angels beat Senators, 4-12-0/0-1-0.  Ken McBride (11-16, 3.33) pitches a 1-hitter, giving up 2 walks.  The only Washington hit is a 2 out, bottom of the 4th single by Bobo Osborne (.217).  Robin Roberts (17-10, 2.75) beats the Twins in the nightcap, winning 6-3.  Roberts pitches the first 6 innings.  This is Roberts’ 229th career victory (229-216).  Warren Spahn (13-10, 3.18) beats the Dodgers, winning 6-3 in a complete game.  It is Spahn’s 339th career win (339-182).  Reds’ Jim Maloney (14-5, 1.79) 1-hits the Giants, winning 6-15-0/0-1-0.  Maloney walks 2.  The only SF hit is a 1 out bottom of the 2nd single by Orlando Cepeda (.306). 


August 24 – Ray Herbert (10-12, 2.74) 1-hits the Yanks, winning 5-4-1/0-1-2.  Herbert walks only 1 batter.  The only NY hit is a bottom of the 3rd leadoff single by Hector Lopez.


August 27 – Baltimore’s Robin Roberts (18-10, 2.68) beats the A’s 6-2.  It is Roberts’ 230th career win (230-216).  Warren Spahn (14-10, 3.05) shuts out the Colt .45s, winning 4-0.  It is Spahn’s 340th career win (340-182). 


August 28 – Spahn wins another, this time in relief, as he beats the Colt .45s.  It is career win 341 and his 15th of the season. 


August 30 – Cubs beat Houston as 1st place Reds lose to Piitsburgh.  Cubs now in virtual  tie w/Cincy for 1st place (2 percentage points behind). 


August 31 – Spahn beats the Mets 3-1, winning his 16th (16-10, 2.97).  It’s his 342nd career win (342-182). 


September 2 – Cards sweep Bucs, winning opener 12-1 and nightcap 10-12-0/0-1-2.  In the nightcap, Ron Taylor (6-5, 2.33) pitches a 1-hitter, walking 2.  The only Pirate hit is a 1 out double in the top of the 7th by Roberto Clemente (.303). 


September 3 – Yanks beat Tigers in 17 innings, winning, 3-9-1/2-8-1.  The real game lasted 15 innings, and Yanks also won 3-2. 


September 4 – Dodgers beat Cubs, 6-5, in 14 innings.   Warren Spahn (17-10, 2.85) beats the Pirates 1-5-2/0-5-1 with a complete game shutout.  It is Spahn’s 343rd career win (343-182) and his 68th career shutout.   With the victory and the Cubs’ loss, the Braves move into a 1st place tie with the Cubs (80-59). 


September 5 – Cubs (in 1st place tie w/Braves and Reds) move ˝ game up as they beat the Dodgers, 18-18-0/3-7-2.  Ron Santo (.243) 4-6, 2 HR, 5 RBI, 10 TB, 3 runs.  Billy Williams (.297) 3-5 2 HR. 


September 6 – Sandy Koufax wins his 25th (25-5, 1.07), beating the Giants, 4-5-0/0-2-0. 


September 7 – Don Drysdale (13-21, 2.96) no-hits the Giants through 6 2/3 innings until Mays (.308, 31, 92)  singles.  Orlando Cepeda (.302, 30, 101), the next batter, then homers to put the Giants up 2-1.  Juan Marichal (20-13, 2.12) wins for the Giants.  Dick Ellsworth (21-9, 1.75) no hits the Colt .45s through 8 1/3 innings until Ernie Fazio (.180) doubles.  Ellsworth walks 2 and faces only 30 batters. 


September 8 – Warren Spahn (18-10, 2.71) pitches a 15 inning complete game win against the Phillies, winning 4-11-2/3-9-4.   Spahn is now 344-182 lifetime. 


September 9 – Reds sweep Braves as Cubs beat Cards.  Cubs remain in 1st, ahead of Reds, but only by 2 percentage points.  Baltimore’s Robin Roberts (19-11, 2.55) pitches a complete game win against the 1st place Chisox, winning, 2-6-1/1-6-2.  Roberts is now 231-217 lifetime.   Washington uses 22 players (8 pitchers) but they lose to Tigers in 15 innings, 6-17-1/5-13-0.  Detroit uses 20 players (6 pitchers), for a total of 42 (14 pitchers) in the game. 


September 10 – Braves beat Reds, 7-1, as Cubs lose 9-1 to Cards.  Cubs are now 2 percentage points ahead of Reds. 


September 11 – Reds beat Cards 2-1 in 11 innings as Cards beat Cubs 6-2.  Reds now in sole possession of 1st, 1 game ahead of Cubs.  Don Drysdale (14-21, 2.90) 1-hits the Pirates, winning, 4-4-1/1-1-1.  The only Pirates’ hit is a 2 out single by Bill Virdon in the bottom of the 4th.  The hit drives in Pittsburgh’s only run. 


September 12 – Yanks beat A’s in 17 innings, winning7-18-2/6-17-1.  Score is tied at 4 until Yanks score 2 in top of 16th, but KC matches that in bottom of 16th.  NY scores the winning run in the top of the next inning on a single by Yogi Berra.  Dodgers beat Pirates 5-4 in 16 innings.  Cards beat Cubs 2-0 on a combined shutout by Ernie Broglio (19-9, 2.53) and Bobby Shantz (4-4, 8 Saves).  Cubs remain a game behind 1st place Reds. 


September 13 – Warren Spahn (19-10, 2.65) pitches a complete game win over the Cards, beating them 2-5-0/1-6-1.  For Spahn, it is his 345th career win (345-182).  Milwaukee is now tied w/the Cubs for 2nd, 3 ˝ behind Cincy.  Sandy Koufax (27-5, 1.04)  pitches a 3-hit shutout against the Phils in the opener, winning 1-7-2/0-3-0.  Early Wynn wins his 287th  career victory (287-235) as he beats the Angels 12-6 in relief. 


September 16 – Ron Perranoski (6-8, 2.21, 13 Saves) blows a Save opportunity for the second straight day, this time losing to the Cards in the bottom of the 10th, 6-5. 


September 17 – Warren Spahn (20-10, 2.70) wins his 20th, beating the Giants, 14-11-1/4-4-1.  It’s Spahn’s 346th career win (346-182).  Dodgers and Cards hookup in 15 inning game.  LA wins, 3-8-2/1-3-2.  Koufax (28-5, 1.00) pitches till the final inning, and gets the win.  Curt Simmons (16-11, 3.10) pitches the first 11 for St. Louis. 


September 19 – Angels beat O’s as the Chisox clinch a tie in the AL.


September 20 – Denny LeMaster (18-10, 2.36) no hits the Cubs, winning 1-5-0/0-0-0.  LeMaster walks 2, and faces only 29 batters.  Cards beat Reds, 6-2 and move to 2 games out w/6 games left.   Chisox beat Tigers and clinch AL pennant. 


September 22 – Giants beat Mets and move into sole possession of 2nd place as Braves beat Cubs and 1st place Reds beat Cards.  Reds’ magic number is 4.  SF is 2 ˝ back. 


September 24 – Twins and Tribe hookup in scoreless tie with Dick Stigman (19-6, 1.85) holding Cleveland to 1 hit through 11 innings.  Woodie Held homers in the bottom of the 12th to give the Tribe the win.  Stigman fails to win his 20th.  Early Wynn (7-1) wins the game in relief.  He is now 289-235 lifetime. 


September 25 – Warren Spahn (21-11, 2.69) beats the 1st place Reds 6-1.  For Spahn this is his 347th career win (347-183).  Cards beat Cubs 3-2 as Ernie Broglio (20-9, 2.60) wins his 20th.  SF now in sole possession of 2nd, 1 ˝ out.  Cubs, Braves and Cards are tied for 3rd.  Koufax (29-5, 1.00)  2-hits the Mets, winning 6-10-0/0-2-1.  He wiffs 13 and does not walk anyone.  It’s Koufax’s 29th victory of the season.  For NY, it’s their 120th loss this year. 


September 26 – Houston’s Larry Yellen (1-0, 4.50) wins his only start (and appearance) of the season, beating the Pirates, 7-3.  Yellen pitches the first 6 innings, giving up 3 runs on 5 hits.  He whiffs 6 and walks 2.   


September 28- Reds beat Cards and clinch the NL flag.  Joe Nuxhall wins his 22nd (22-8, 1.98). 


September 29 – Reds’ Jim O’Toole (20-10, 2.41) wins his 20th in the final game of the season, in relief.  Reds beat Cards 3-7-0/2-6-2.  Mets drop their finale to Houston 7-4 and wind up 39-123 (.241).  Juan Pizarro (20-7, 1.84) also wins his 20th in the final game of the season as the Chisox come back to beat Washington 4-10-0/1-6-0.