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These are the BBW add-ons I've found to be the most important for any serious BBW'er.  I've included a link for downloading each. 

Please direct your questions to the program's author.  Make sure you download the program version which is compatible with your PC.  And finally, please download (and read!) the program documentation before you try to contact the program's author.

My great gratitude goes to the authors of these programs - Phil Murray, Joe Sweeney, Gary Leven and Paul McEvoy.  That they spent their own time developing these, and then sharing them with all of us for free, is testimonial to their generosity and creativity, and also I think to the nature of BBW'ers.  Thanks guys!

Any omissions to the following list is my mistake, and I apologize to anyone I've unintentionally slighted.  

I welcome suggestions and corrections for this page!




The NCD is the only way to determine career statistics for your players.  It includes all sorts of displays and reports, and fills one of the few gaps in MA's offerings.  The NCD was developed by David Norwood, but in the past few years, Phil Murray has greatly expanded it, and it now pretty much includes anything you can imagine at the career level.  Additionally, it now also includes a bunch of season-specific displays as well, none of which available elsewhere.  You can see a number of NCD reports at , for example, at "Best Batting Records" .

NCD Download Page



The GDC is a perfect complement to the NCD.  TLike the NCD, the GDC is a product of Phil Murray's work and creativity.  The GDC provides a series of game-specific reports and displays, again covering a variety of "game-best" data that is unavailable in StatMaster or easily found anywhere else.  Additionally, Streak data reports are also included.  You can see a number of GDC reports at , for example, at  "The Record Book".

GDC Download Page



Yet another Phil Murray product, the BBW Usage Analysis Tool provides a way for you to compare your player usage to the corresponding actual player usage.  You can see reports at the team level, and also at the Organization level, and you can easily sort these reports to highlight those players whose usage has exceeded their actual usage.

BBW Usage Download Page



This is a full featured editor for ABPA Baseball players.  It allows you to change any player rating or statistic on a Windows player disk (extension .wdd) or on a DOS data disk.  The Editor is the work of "Mako Jo" Sweeney, and it can be found in Joe's "Baseball Bundle" (The Bundle includes several other BBW must-haves). 

Baseball Player Editor Download Page



The Bundle includes the Player Editor and the Stadium Manager (mandatory for any fan who wants to easily manage all his BBW stadiums), as well as the Micromanager Editor (similar to the Stadium Manager, but for the easy administration of your MicroManagers), the Organization Editor (a real boon for un-Protecting your Organization, and also for changing a team's won-lost record) and last but not least, the Multiple Card Viewer.

"Baseball Bundle" Download Page



ATM is a program which every replayer ought to seriously consider.  It automates the time-consuming process of loading your lineups for each game, and for making sure every player transaction is made correctly and on time.  Thanks to the program's creator, Gary Leven, a wonderful free (Yahoo) user community exists where fans can discuss ATM and from which fans can contribute as-played seasons so other fans can then use them in their replays.  A large number of past seasons are available for downloading.  Yahoo membership (free) is required.

ATM Download Page



This Phil Murray creation provides us with a way to export our StatMaster data into a spreadsheet, such as Excel, where we can then use it to generate reports and databases of our own creation.

BBW SM Data Exporter Download Page



This is a program which enables you to edit your StatMaster data.  Be careful when you use it, as Joe suggests, as the changes you make are pretty much irreversible (unless you edit them back!).  I've used the program, for example,  to record the rare Save which BBW misses.

Download BBW SM Editor



Thanks to Phil Murray, I recently discovered the long sought after solution to capturing a BBW box score with great quality suitable for emailing and for sharing on a WWW page.  The tool is SNAG-IT and you can download a free 30 day trial from the TechSmith WWW site.   I highly recommend this tool.  You can see an example of a BBW boxscore produced with this tool at:

For those of you who would rather use a completely free tool that is not nearly as good as SNAG-IT, you can try PRNCON.  This is an old utility written by Tom Meade (if anyone knows how to reach Tom, please let me know, thanks).  It's a good way to print LM boxscores in black and white (SNAG-IT does them in color).  You can save the box in "text" or in "HTML" formats.  I'm not aware of any current WWW download page for this, but I will be happy to email you a copy upon request.   You can reach me at:   (remove the X's first!) 



This is a super tool, developed by Bill Staffa and programmed by Joe Sweeney.  It enables you to change the standard Apba pitching grades to grades which reflect Bill's algorithms.  Bill's formulae can produce statistically more accurate results than the out-of-the-box Apba grades.

Download Merlin



This program was developed by Paul McEvoy and it is the only way I know to convert your DOS replays to BBW format.  This one saved me uncountable time, and anyone who wants to move to BBw but does not want to lose their DOS replay data needs this program!  I'm not aware of any current WWW download page for this, but I will be happy to email you a copy upon request.   You can reach me at:    (remove the X's first!) 



Be sure to visit MakoJo's site and also Phil Murray's site for a complete listing of their creations.


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